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Yuwen Huang / E-von 黄钰文

Yuwen Huang

As a new generation of spiritual cultivators (修行者),

her goal is to express her understanding and experience

on the path of cultivation through art and technology.




MFA Candidate in Art and Technology/Sound Practice

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)


B.A. in Intermedia Art (Fine Art Studio, open media lab)

China Academy of Art (CAA)



Yuwen (b. 1997) is a research-based media artist, currently pursuing an MFA in Art and Technology Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Her practice focuses on virtuality through different mediums such as video, net, installation, GAN-generated images and videos, blockchain, and creative writing. Influenced by Eastern philosophies such as I-Ching, and spiritual Cultivation[1], eastern spiritual thinking and Western research-based methods are both important in her process of creation. As she is interested in the interconnectedness of all things and their connection to our inner experiences, her art explores how technology extends our perception and expands our understanding of the things around us. Common themes in her works include nature, history, and identity as they relate to technology. In 2019, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Intermedia Art from China Academy of Art (CAA in Hangzhou, China) and her work has been selected for the Lumen Prize Longlist in the Crypto category in 2023.

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(Studio): 3e_von

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