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Audio-Visual Art


With the crash between traditional culture and the development of technology, many of the core values that have so long defined and held us together have been lost as a result of distractions by modern society.

However, using fresh and new techniques as well as a different approach to demonstrating traditional Chinese culture, and taking elements and inspiration from Chinese opera, Monkey King begins with fragments and then assembles them into a new whole character. One which tries to transform and reinterpret the best things from our culture, shows it from contemporary angles, even though it can hardly be reserved as a whole. ​

Teamwork: 野良犬 Wild.D

Visual design: Yuwen Huang/Keqi Sun

Music: Bisheng Zhao


Monkey King |  Audio Visual

Monkey King | Audio Visual

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屏幕快照 2018-07-18 15.38.16
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Part 01

PART1 (0-2'40'') 

Attracted by the visual effect of matrix arrangement, I used this technique to accentuate the visual experience and the mystery of traditional masks in order to gradually restore its overall image.

In the beginning, a character was patched together from scattered pieces.
It danced and bounced around to show its struggling and still turned into pieces by the end.

Part 02

PART2 (2'40''--6'28'')

The scenes on this part aim to emphasize the continuous collision between the Digital Information era and the traditional Chinese art, which was presented by the visual effects of different gestures and decomposition of the Monkey King’s body.

Part 03

PART3 (6'28''--9'49'')

Monkey King, who tried to struggle in the chaos of digital information era yet only left its body in this digital space in the end. We built up such a connection to express the expectation of preserving traditional culture yet still hardly deny the fact that the character was unable to remain as a whole in this space.

-Performance Experience-

  • Gathering in Shenzhen Exhibition Series: Inheritance & Innovation, 2019 Shenzhen Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition II,                                      MJH Art Gallery, November 2019, Shenzhen, China

  • The opening of 2018 Graduation Party of China Academy of Art,           China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

  • “ Tinnitus free, Audio-Visual Live Performance ”,                                         Lamb Art Museum, October 2018, Hangzhou, China

  • “ SONART5.0 ” Media Art Scene, Open Media Lab,                                        China Academy of Art, December 2017, Hangzhou, China

© 2017-2024 Yuwen Huang 

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