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Experimental Images I

  • "Touch"  / 2017

  • Kulangsu  / 2016

  • Divine Light  / 2016

 "Touch" (2017)
Medium: Experimental Images
Yuwen Huang
This group of photos were taken in a town in Thailand. I choose a personal item which represents my identity and put it in the environment where I’m standing in order to establish a new relationship between them. I’m like a spectator, watching myself interact with and be immersed in the environment. It inspired me to think about what is the relationship between our virtual identities and the real world.

Name: One minute(1'32'')

Date: 2017

Medium: Video

Material:A clock

Creator: YuWen Huang

2016 Sophomore Year Field-trip Exhibition
Kulangsu (2016)
Medium: Experimental Images
Yuwen Huang
Shooting during the field trip in Kulangsu, Fujian, China, I was doing research about the culture and lifestyle of local people in Necwo, which is a historically reserved land. Although it has been gradually influenced by the commercial society, I still attempted to search for original lifestyles and features of the locals. Compared to the prosperity of those commercialized areas, this place actually presents an image of calmness, self-satisfaction and Carpe Diem.
Divine Light (2016)
Medium: Photograph
Yuwen Huang





This photo was shot in the Gulangyu Gospel Hall. The place in the photo used to be a Gospel Church and was recently reconstructed into a senior house. From my perspective, it is more like a theatre of life. Although this photo was supposed to be discarded,  I found that the captured moment accidentally shows the sacredness of this place.​

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