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Flaneur (Surrealists) 

Brassai / Joan Miro / Breton’s Nadja (1928) /Vito Acconci / Sophie Calle / Francis Alys / Marcos Luytens / Dennis Adams

Brassai, Nuits Parisiennes (in Minotaure 7, 1935)


Brassai, Paris de nuit (1933)

Brassai, Paris de nuit (1933).jpg

Brassai, “Bébé à la crème éclipse,” 1933-34
“Les cheminées de suie,” 1931

Brassai, “Bébé à la crème éclipse,” 1933-34.jpg
“Les cheminées de suie,” 1931.jpg

Joan Miro, “Lady Strolling on the Rambla of Barcelona,” 1925
“The Gentleman,” 1924

Joan Miro, “Lady Strolling on the Rambla of Barcelona,” 1925.jpg
Joan Miro, “The Gentleman,” 1924.jpg

More pages from Breton’s Nadja (1928). Photographs commissioned from Jacques-André Boiffard.

Nadja (1928). 6.jpg
Nadja (1928). 3.jpg
Nadja (1928). 5.jpg
Nadja (1928). 2.jpg
Nadja (1928). 4.jpg
Nadja (1928). 1.jpg

Flaneur Now

Vito Acconci

“Following Piece,” Oct 3-25, 1969

Vito Acconci, “Following Piece,” Oct 3-25, 1969.jpg
Vito Acconci, “Following Piece,”.jpg

Sophie Calle

“Suite vénitienne,” 1980; Set of 81 elements (55 b/w photographs, 23 texts, 3 maps), variously presented in book form and gallery form

Sophie Calle.png
Sophie Calle, “Suite vénitienne,”.jpg

“La Filature” (The Shadow), 1981. English version : set of one text, one color photograph, 29 b/w photographs partly assembled in groups, 11 texts.

“La Filature” 2.jpg
“La Filature”.jpg

Francis Alys

“The Collector,” 1990-92;

“Zapatos Magneticos,” 1994;

“The Leak,” 2002;

“The Nightwatch,” 2004;

“Reel-Unreel,” 2011

Marcos Lutyens

"In Touch," Pompidou Center, Paris, 2014

Marcos Lutyens, ”In Touch,” Pompidou Center, Paris, 2014.jpg

Dennis Adams

"Outtake" (1998), still and excerpt from 134 minute single-channel video of a performance on Berlin's Kurfurstendamm


"Freeload" (2004), excerpt, aluminum and steel column fitted with two video cameras, two monitors, two single-channel videos.


“Double Feature” (2008), photo series — Spliced from Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless (1959) + Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers (1965)

Double Feature.jpg

“Walking on Wolves” (2011), installation, featuring stills from José Luis Borau’s film Furtivos (Poachers), 1975

Walking on Wolves.jpg
Walking on Wolves2.jpg

SPILL” (2009), single-channel video, 42 minutes

SPILL” (2009),.jpg
SPILL” (2009), 2.jpg

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