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Random Walk Memory | 2022

Yuwen Huang

Technical supported by Kenny Ma

Interactive Interface, Video, Images

Random Walk Memory is a record of a city wandering of self-amusement created by the Artist. The work transforms the random graphic created by a one-line Basic program (10 print) as a random walk guide. As the artist navigate, the most prominent color, serving as the target, was captured and processed using Python. The record of the random walk formed a city palette and was stored on the website, inviting audiences into interactive exploration. The work addresses utilizing data conversion and storage, through the act of walking, offering a unique city perception and fostering human-machine cooperation that visualizes emotion.

10 Print Exhibition

Here is the link 👇
Let's jump into random walk memory!
(touch the color block or change the mode)

Loading walk
10 print-one liner


10 PRINT CHR$(105+(INT(RND(1)+.5)*2));

20 PRINT CHR$(106+(INT(RND(1)+.5)*11));

30 GOTO 10

10 print-one liner


10 PRINT CHR$(105+(INT(RND(1)+.5)*1));:GOTO 10

10 print-one liner

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