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Body Sensor Interactive Installation

Yuwen Huang

Xin Chen

This work attempts to reproduce the scenario through using two monitors that the view and angle of the audience are tracked by a detector for real-time calculation so as to reflect the corresponding scene, showing the holographic space where cluster effects occur. The orderly and disorderly interweaving between artificial colonies can produce complex and unexpected emergence effects, which reflects the trend of artificial intelligence in the future. From the background story of the work, it is deeply pondered how the structure of social power will eventually move, towards dispersed control or centralized dominance. When producing digital media works, our view has focused on how to create bionic expression in the mechanical digital world.

Swarm Emergence

Swarm Emergence

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After having a grasp of the works of Virtual Reality, I and my team member want to construct a three-dimensional virtual space visible to the eyes in reality. Therefore, this work builds a channel between reality and virtual world for peering into each other; as the virtual space indicates the future under the trend of artificial intelligence, through such a display, the audience is able to have dialogue with the artificial bee in order to inspire people's thinking about the future of artificial intelligence.

  • Beyond the Metropolises—The 5th Kumming Art Biennale 2020, 

       Yunan Art Museum, December 2020, China;

  • 2020 Wuhan 5th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts Physis: Production of Nature, Human and Technology,

       Hubei Museum of Arts, November 2020, China;

  • Gathering in Shenzhen Exhibition Series: Inheritance & Innovation, 2019 Shenzhen Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition,
    Shenzhen Art Museum, October 2019, Shenzhen, China

  • Excellent Graduate Exhibition of China Academy of Art,
    Museum of Contemporary Art of CAA, June 2019, Hangzhou, China

  • " Black Mirror Season 8: Heterotopia Now " First Zhijiang Youth Art Week,      Xiangshan Art Commune, May 2019, Hangzhou, China