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THE TRUTH | 2019

VR made by Unity

Yuwen Huang

The Truth is a virtual reality project, that aims to blur the boundary between physical existence and consciousness by constructing a new space with 2D hand-drawn elements and 3D space to express individuals’ understanding of the world. The work is about the virtual aspect hiding in our real life. I was inspired by Iris Physiotherapy which I learned from one of the Physiotherapy Centers where they combine iridology and Traditional Chinese medicine. I found that through the human eye's iris, a person's sub-health condition can be learned, and we can know more about other things from its patterns, like personality and unresolved trauma. It is about “Seeing is not believing”. There is neither absolute reality nor absolute fantasy.

The Truth

The Truth

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-PART 1-

What is being conveyed here is that the truth of something is usually the simplest, purest, within attainable yet quite apt to baffle people. In this scene, when the audience sees the smallest line of text “IT IS A TRUTH”, they tend to distinguish themselves as being more intellectual just because they notice the small word “TRUTH”. However, the large text “TRUTH”, which is far more obvious, is less noticeable. And the ones who can see this are usually labelled as “unconventional” or “eccentric”.

-PART 2-

Seen with the naked eyes, we sometimes might be deceived by the so-called truth. As such, within different layers of space on this scene, how could one identify the authenticity of the lens? Who is the one on the other side of the lens transmit the information?

-PART 3-

I’ve designed a simple maze here, which directs the audience into different corners whenever they bump into the “eyes”. In each iris, there is original footage which includes the various mundane activities of a human. What I would like to express here is that everything is inter-twining and no single matter is the absolute reality. Rather, every segment could be its own separate universe.

© 2017-2024 Yuwen Huang 

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