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In-circle Series

Version 3

All photos courtesy of Mengjun Duan


Interactive website, In-circle Garden, White Paper ( on the right side of wall)


Circle Archive (on the left side of the wall), Interactive website, In-circle Garden 


Artist Poem (part of it on the left side), Circle Archive, Interactive website, In-circle Garden 


White Paper


Interactive Website QR code                                                                                           Artist Manifesto


To Be An In-circle Artist (After Jier He, After Alberto Greco)

Interactive website, DApp, blockchain

This interactive website, built on an Ethereum contract, aims to establish a fair network that allows everyone to become in-circle artists, securing an identity in blockchain. Artist NFTs can be minted as proof of attendance. However, it presents a paradox: while striving for inclusivity, the project reveals inherent traits of exclusion in the digital realm. The project encourages discussions on achieving an equitable digital utopia. This work was longlisted in the 2023 Lumen Prize in the Crypto category.

In-circle Garden, 2024

3D print objects, Wood, preserved moss, reflective mylar film

Inspired by the traditional Chinese moon gate, this installation links the physical world to the virtual art space. The Circle Gate symbolizes the shift from tangible to digital, highlighting the transcendence of traditional in-circle artist boundary.

“To be an in-circle artist" White Paper, 2023

Creative Writing

White Paper, 2023

Creative Writing

Artist Manifesto, 2023

Creative Writing

In-circle Archive, 2023

Acrylic, frames, mirror foil board

In 2016, Jier He declared, "The person who is standing in the circle is an in-circle artist," challenging traditional notions of artist identity. This idea parallels Greco's 1962 Vito Dito project, where he drew a circle around a person or an object, proposing the idea that art exists all around us, not just within the gallery.



Alberto Greco, Vito Dito, 1962

Jier He何佶佴, The person who is standing inside the circle is an in-circle artist 站在圈内就是圈内艺术家, 2016

Artist Poem, 2024

Blockchain-based interactive website

Inspired by The House of Dust (1967) created by Alison Knowles, Artist Poem is a blockchain-based interactive website that invites users to collectively construct an artist manifesto. This digital space allows for the audience’s contribution of words, which links to the artist identity, crafting a dynamic ‘Artist poem.’ The work emphasizes the improvements in inclusivity and accessibility within the art community in the digital age.

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